Unfortunately, the risk reserves (from previous years) of the Biel Running Days is not sufficient enough to provide any promises regarding the repayment of registration fees. There are some issues that are still ongoing which could impact our finances. For example, we are still in negotiations with our sponsors about how each will proceed, we are waiting for feedback about whether we will receive financial aid from the government's sport relief fund and whether we can already begin discussing the situation for next year.

Currently, there are 3 options available:

  1. Refund of entry fee (as mentioned above, we are currently unable to commit to a repayment promise)
  2. Entry fee 2020 carried over to 2021 (again, we are currently unable to commit to this solution due to the reasons mentioned above)
  3. Donation- we are extremely thankful for each and every franc which that is given to help us cover the costs during this difficult time. Our Bankaccount is IBAN CH52 0900 0000 2500 6550 1

We ask you to please keep in mind that if we do offer a refund, or to carry over your entry fee to next year, the risk of this event going bankrupt is very high, and in the worst case the event would no longer be able to take place.

Therefore we find ourselves stuck “between a rock and a hard place” and are doing our best to communicate the situation to you.

In closing:

We are only able to inform you on how we will proceed as soon as we are able to close the 2019/2020 financial year and are aware of how much money is available for refunds etc. Please understand that our situation is about survival, nothing more.

We do hope for your understanding in this matter and hope to count on your particiapation in 2021!

Bereite dich mit Rolf Thallinger, 13-facher Biel-Finisher und Sieger 2017 auf den Klassiker der Ultraläufe vor: Am Trainings-Weekend vom 13. bis 15. März 2020.

Download PDF

Taubertal 100 Ultralauf
      Verein TT100 BLT Challenge
1. Johannes Günzel GER Endorphinos Überlingen 9:48:54 8:49:43 18:38:37
2. Thomas Kröll GER TG Tria Rüsselsheim 8:27:48 10:28:43 18:56:31
3. Jan Krumfuss GER Lich Basketball e.V. 10:36:11 10:03:54 20:40:05
4. Christophe Bristiel FRA   11:08:22 10:37:00 21:45:22
5. Stefan Gries GER TSG Mainaschaff 11:35:17 11:49:05 23:24:22
6. Oliver Langkammer GER TG Schwalbach 11:06:44 12:19:41 23:26:25
7. Andreas Ruefer SUI Subway Running Team 11:49:38 11:50:22 23:40:00
8. Gunnar Dieckhoff GER   11:35:11 12:31:20 24:06:31
9. Michael Rothmund GER Gaggli Nudeln 12:33:34 12:09:48 24:43:22
10. Rene Leuenberger SUI   13:09:12 11:44:25 24:53:37
11. Dieter Haub GER   12:40:03 12:37:20 25:17:23
12. Frank Wörner GER TSV Untergruppenbach 12:07:43 13:13:50 25:21:33
13. Pierre Zürcher SUI Bergamo Stras Atletica 11:36:19 13:45:24 25:21:43
14. Herbert Lutterodt GER Breiten Sport Sinzheim 13:41:07 13:45:27 27:26:34
15. Georges Schroeder LUX   14:00:13 13:42:28 27:42:41
16. Mike Wingerning GER   14:12:44 13:46:56 27:59:40
17. Jürgen Bowe GER   13:59:11 14:07:19 28:06:30
18. Yves Kreis LUX   14:58:03 14:48:57 29:47:00
19. Norbert Rogsch GER   14:12:18 15:47:33 29:59:51
1. Karin Waxenberger GER   10:16:30 10:10:03 20:26:33
2. Diana Stache GER   13:19:35 14:13:25 27:33:00
3. Monique Muhlen LUX LT Hesper 14:00:12 13:42:27 27:42:39
4. Stefanie Fuchs GER   14:44:00 16:52:18 31:36:18
Anzahl Teilnehmer: 23


Rangliste als PDF downloaden

  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_001
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_002
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_003
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_004
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_005
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_006
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_007
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_008
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_009
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_010
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_011
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_012
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_013
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_014
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_015
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_016
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_017
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_018
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_019
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_020
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_021
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_022
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_023
  • emg_BLT_2019_Vorschau_024



Small, healthy and full of power: nectaflor Pocket Snacks Fruit & More are the ideal companion for sports or on the go. 7 different fruit-nut-snack blends provide energy and pleasure before, during and after the Biel running days. So let's get going and "Power On".



Race days of Biel proudly presents: the new medals for this year's event. Left: Race days of Biel; right: 100km finisher medal.


Here are the new finisher and race days of Biel t-shirts!


The track inspection of the 100km race on Saturday 13.4.19 was a great success. 24 participants profited from the experiences and tips of Franziska and Rolf Thallinger. We would like to thank Franziska and Rolf for their efforts and the participants for their interest and are looking forward to welcoming you in Biel from 6.-8.6.2019.

For the race days of Biel from 6. - 8.6.19 we still need volunteers for various tasks:

- line securing

- catering

- cleaning

- start, finish area

- speaker

Please contact us for more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 079 528 57 570 We are waiting for you!



We are looking for new persons for some tasks in the OC. If you are interested in supporting us, you like to take responsibility and you enjoy working with a cool team, then contact us without obligation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking forward to hearing from you.



The new route data are now online, the route map is included with the corresponding distances together with the download link of the .gpx file.

There is only a track change for the 100km run.

Here is the most important information in a nutshell:

  • Up to the Aefligenbrigde the course is identical as before.
  • From the Aefligenbridge to Schachen we will use the road via Altwyden.
  • In Schachen we will turn back to the original route.
  • The new route is identical to the previous route between Aefligenbrücke and Schachen in terms of route length and has no consequences for the total distance.
  • Change Zauggenried/ the valley of Biberen the course is going back to the original route.
  • There will be no changes for the refreshment posts compared to 2018.
  • There will also be no changes to the route for the cycling companions compared to 2018


Download the .gpx data (ZIP compressed)


1. advent: start ticket for the original 100 km
Astrid Pfammatter, Mund

2. advent: a drybag offered by crespo.ch
Jan Grüneberg, Friedensdorf

3. advent: a drybag offered by crespo.ch
Salome Marmet, Langnau i. E.

4. advent: start ticket for the original 100 km
Peter Schweiberger, Anger Österreich

jegenstorf biel

Es war nass, kalt und windig, doch es lief. 20 Teilnehmer liefen unter der Leitung von Matthias Klotz von impuls'n'coaching am Samstag, 8.12.2018 auf der Originalstrecke des 100 km von Jegenstorf nach Biel...

Il faisait humide, froid et venteux. 20 participants ont couru sous la direction de Matthias Klotz impuls'n'coaching samedi le 8.12.2018 sur le parcours original de 100 km entre Jegenstorf et Bienne.

It was wet, cold and windy. 20 participants ran under the direction of Matthias Klotz from impuls'n'coachingmpuls'n'coaching on saturday 8.12. 2018 on the original 100 km route from Jegenstorf to Biel.

Responsable (OC) for the race organization

We are looking for a new person for this exciting task in the field of race organization (start/arrival area). If you are interested in supporting us in this area, you like to take responsibility and you enjoy working with a cool team, then contact us without obligation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where you will also receive the job description.

100 km  until 31.12.2018/ 24:00 CHF 120.-
Ultra marathon 56 km until 31.12.2018/ 24:00 CHF 80.-
Half marathon 21.1 km until 31.12.2018/ 24:00 CHF. 50.-
Experience run 13,5 km until 31.12.2018/ 24:00 CHF 40.-
Relay race
until 31.12.2018/ 24:00 CHF 260.-


> Register now


Schon zum sechsten Mal laufen wir von Jegenstorf nach Biel; auf der Original-Strecke des Bieler 100km-Laufs. Wir laufen 52km, somit also etwas mehr als die Hälfte. Der Lauf J-B findet jeweils rund sechs Monate vor den Bieler Lauftagen statt; der Lauf darf als Auftakt/Bestandteil des Trainings auf diesen Anlass hin verstanden werden.

Samstag, 08.12.2018
Besammlung in Jegenstorf, Bahnhof: 10h45
Start in Jegenstorf Bahnhof: 11h00
Anreise von Biel, Zug 9h54 (via Zollikofen)

Pour des questions des coureurs français, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter!

Website des Anbieters

emg BLT 2018 002


emg Cerebral Run 2018 012


emg Kids Run 2018 165

Klicken Sie auf die Bilder für die Album-Ansicht. Falls diese nicht verfügbar ist, klicken Sie bitte auf diesen Link.

Cliquez les images pour voir les albums. Si le lien n'est pas disponible, cliquez ici.

Click the images for watching the albums. If the album view shouldn't work, please refer to this link.

We search helpers for various tasks

  • line securing
  • catering
  • cleaning
  • start, finish area

If you are interested in supporting us in this area, you enjoy working in a cool team, then contact us without obligation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where you will also receive the job description.

There is no better motivation to achieve your best performance than the cheers of your family and friends. Thanks to "DS LIVE GOLD" you can be sure that they are there for you when you need them most - for example, in the most difficult place.


Image: datasport

Thanks to real-time tracking, your family and friends can track your position on the map. And: You can also see which position you're at on the track - including your altitude profile - and whether you're passing a competitor.

How to register for DS Live Gold:

  • Registration and payment via Datasport online registration
  • The athlete must actively click on it, costs CHF 4.90
  • Subsequent registration is possible until 15.5.18 (for those who have registered before Datasport has posted this on the registration portal of the race days of Biel). They must send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • The race numbers of the runners registered for "DS LIVE GOLD" must be collected at the Trouble Desk.
  • The costs of CHF 4.90 have to be paid at the Trouble Desk, only then you will get the starting number.
  • The runners will receive the code for the "DS LIVE GOLD" along with the confirmation e-mail which includes the start number, discount code for the SBB SwissRunners Ticket.

Get more information here

hermann achmueller

The sympathetic South Tyrolean Hermann Achmüller is no stranger to the running scene. Among other races, he won the Jungfraumarathon, the South Tyrol-Marathon, the Munich-Marathon and the Berlin-Marathon. Especially in the 2000s he was able to win several victories over the classic 42.2 km distance.

In recent years, he has also proven that he also enjoys ultra distances. In 2015, for example, he was able to secure the vice-world champion title in the 100km team-race in Winschoten and even celebrate his victory in the "cento km seregno" in 2016.

Hermann Achmüller has completed a total of 94 marathons, 6 100km runs and 5 ultramarathons in his career. We are extremely pleased that his way leads him to Biel in 2018 and we can welcome him at the start of the 60th Biel 100km!




Download (PDF)

Da die Nachfrage der Radtrikots vom Bieler 100 km so gross war, bieten wir, für alle Fans und Läufer eine Nachbestellung an. Das Trikot kann auf Wunsch bedruckt werden mit deinem persönlichen Text oder Namen. Produktion und Auslieferung erfolgen durch crespo.ch.

Bestellungen bis Ende November 2017

Details Rad-/Biketrikot

  • Ärmel im Raglanschnitt, Silikonabschluss an den Hüften, 3 Rückentaschen
  • Enganliegender und kurzer Schnitt, mit Seiteneinsätzen Reflektor streifen auf der Rückseite für die optimale Sicherheit
  • Unisexgrössen: XS-XXL vorhanden
  • Material: Nortex Crono, 100% Polyester

Bestellformular hier (PDF)

Das Trikot wird Dir per Post zugestellt. Lieferung ca. Februar 2018.

Zeitungen / Zeitschriften

Folgen fortlaufend

Websites und Blogs

Laufreport.de: «Umkehren ist keine Option»


«Tabeas und Dinus Homepage»

«Peters Wochenbericht»

Wird laufend ergänzt

Renting for saturday: the bicycle can be picked up on Friday afternoon or evening without paying more than for 24h (not possible for e-bikes).



Download (PDF)

Thanks to the Swiss Runners Ticket all participants benefit from a free journey by public transport in 2nd class from their residence to the event location and back. Find out from the individual offers how to obtain the free Swiss Runners Ticket.

Wir trauern um Franz Reist

Am Montag, dem 13. Februar ist der Gründer und Förderer des «Bieler Hunderters» Franz Reist im 87. Lebensjahr an einem Herzversagen gestorben. Franz hat 1959 als Pionier den 100-km-Lauf von Biel gegründet und war während 40 Jahren Präsident des Grossanlasses. Selber hat er die 100 km-Strecke mehr als 30-mal erfolgreich absolviert.

Wir bedauern den grossen Verlust. Noch so gerne hätten wir Franz gegönnt, dass er das 60-Jahr-Jubiläum seines Lebenswerks mitfeiern könnte.

Der Trauerfamilie sprechen wir unser herzliches Beileid aus und versichern, das Erbe von Franz in seinem Sinne weiter zu führen.

Biel, Februar 2017 OK Bieler Lauftage

Congratulations to the winners of our christmas contest on our facebook site. They are already informed and registered.

Winner  experience run: Oliver Steffen

Winner 21.1 km: Leopoldo López

Winner 56 km: Sara Hübscher

Winner 100 km: Alexander Koerfer

Winner running jacket: Alfred Neugebauer

Kindly note that due to increasing costs, the entry fee for 2017 has been raised by 7% on average. The exact fees can be found under the respective category description.

Cause of the increase is partly due to the simple increase of costs for the entire 3 day event. In comparison to previous years, we now have higher costs for the use of localities, security, and time measurement instruments.

At the same time, participants have been and will continue to profit from a wide range of comprehensive services during the Biel Running Days Event. For example:

The catering concept has steadily increased, in 2017 participants can count on 15 refueling stations along the 100km route. Furthermore, the last refueling station, at the finish line, has been completely re-vamped ensuring that the participants are able to replace the lost calories immediately, therefore regeneration may start immediately resulting in a reduced recovery time.

As well, the transport system before, during and after the race has been completely revised. The participants can now enjoy free train travel to and from Biel from all Swiss Train stations upon presentation of confirmation of paid entry fee. Last, but not least, during the event there will be an extra train running from Aarberg to Biel, ensuring that all participants of the half-marathon can return promptly and safely to the starting line in Biel.

Es war ein tolles Läuferfest mit zahlreichen Höhepunkten. Wir haben auch Verbesserungspotential ausgemacht. Die Rücktransporte ab Kirchberg müssen verbessert werden. Wir entschuldigen uns bei allen Läufern für die Wartezeit.

Herzlichen Dank allen Teilnehmenden und gute Erholung. Wir freuen uns auf Eure Teilnahme vom 8. – 10. Juni 2017.

Sportliche Grüsse, OK Bieler Lauftage

The images by our photographer Enrique Muñoz Garcìa are online! Watch them on GooglePlus

100-km-Lauf Herren
1. Vieux Florian, 1986, Collombey 7:19.24,0
2. Fischer Karsten, 1984, D-Großkrotzenburg 7:22.22,9
3. Kufferath Moritz, 1979, D-Dormagen 7:37.47,6

100-km-Lauf Frauen
1. Roulet Romy Sandra, 1970, Malleray 8:47.07,6
2. Poltéra Ornella, 1990, Domat/Ems 8:50.57,1
3. Gruffaz Corine, 1973, F-Bonne 9:00.49,2

56km Ultra-Marathon Herren
1. Waigand Markus, 1981, D-Freiburg 4:22.24,0
2. Luginbühl Peter, 1968, Kerzers 4:38.07,1
3. Zeder Markus, 1973, Burgdorf 4:43.05,3

56km Ultra-Marathon Frauen
1. Tuch Carolin, 1989, D-Karlsruhe 4:30.00,0
2. Dysli Caroline, 1978, Diessbach b. Büren 4:36.11,6
3. Sobrino Karen, 1972, St. Gallen 4:42.23,9

1/2-Marathon Herren
1. Saikou Barrow, 1991, Tschugg 1:15.40,6
2. Cuche Loïc, 1992, Cortébert 1:20.37,0
3. Piguet Florian, 1981, Biel/Bienne 1:20.48,7

1/2-Marathon Frauen
1. Zesiger-Holliger Ursina, 1977, Wilderswil 1:33.35,0
2. Frankiny Denise, 1979, Obergösgen 1:34.08,2
3. Germiquet Carine, 1977, Tavannes 1:35.06,0

Aktuelle Rangliste auf datasport.ch

Lost and found objects will be sent to you until June 30, 2016. You will have to pay postage or have the possibility to collect the object upon request in Biel.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 079 528 57 70

Radio Blitz überträgt auch in diesem Jahr wieder live den 100km Lauf von Biel

Ab 20.00 überträgt Radio Blitz Live von den Bieler Lauftagen. Vom Start um 22.00 Uhr bis zum Zieleinlauf der Spitzenläufer, werden wir die Nacht live senden und immer wieder die aktuellen Zwischenstände durchgeben! Wir haben unsere Reporter live auf der Strecke, ob im Spitzenfahrzeug, oder als Velofahrer in der Spitzengruppe, wir schalten immer wieder live ins Geschehen und versorgen euch mit Interviews und den aktuellen Zwischenständen.

Neu wird unser mobiles Studio auf dem Start- und Zielgelände in Biel zu finden sein. Unsere Moderatoren werden vor dem Kongresshaus aus einem Zelt die Sendung machen und natürlich kann man uns dort vor Ort besuchen und Musikwünsche durchgeben!

Musikwünsche und Grüsse können auch in diesem Jahr wieder gemütlich von zuhause aus aufgegeben werden, nämlich per Email auf This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wir freuen uns auf eine spannende Nacht mit euch...


Specially designed tickets can be purchased before you enter the underground parking of the congress-house at the info-desk.

Price: 24h - CHF 15.00

48h - CHF 30.00

The 24h or 48h starts to run as soon as you enter in the parking.

Prior to get out of the parking the ticket must be validated. Is the time of 24/ 48h exceeded the time must be payed at the normal rate.

For many years, the Biel Running Days have been known for the large and comprehensive variety of food and drinks offered along the official route. Along the 100km course there are a total of 17 food and drink stations offering a variety of energy nourishment free for all runners. The food and drink on offer are the result of: participant requests, our own past experience, and our sponsors. Additionally, each 100 km participant may bring along a bike support who may carry additional food and drink (please note: 1 bike support allowed per participant).

DOWNLOAD Catering Concept (PDF)

Run4Refugees is a team of two running fanatics, Holly and Tom, who have dedicated themselves to help underprivileged children and youths through sport.

Run4Refugees is a charity project that will begin on January 1, 2016 and end at the finish line of the 100km Ultramarathon in Biel on the 11th of June 2016.

Sponsors will be asked to donate per kilometer run during the project, and 100% of donations will go directly to charity organizations in Switzerland (www.savethechildren.ch) and Germany (www.thomas-wiser-haus.de). Fixed donations are also willingly accepted!

The railway station at Biel/Bienne is the base for bike rental: You can place your reservation under the phone number +41 900 300 300. Do not forget to mention that the rental is for the Biel running days!

The bicycles can be used during the race time of the 100 km run from friday through saturday. The charge will be for one day only.

There are several kinds of bikes: mountainbikes and e-bikes. More info here:


The Biel running days are famous not only for the experience of running at night - but also for their vast provisioning along the track. Of course, in 2016 we continue this tradition:

Download as PDF

In the printed version of the program as well as on the official track map site, the profile of the ultra marathon 56 km had an error: There is in fact no loop in Biel, but the profile is the same as the one for the 100 km track. Please refer to the corrected version here.

The Biel running days 2016 offer the opportunity to run a real ulra marathon over 56 kilometers. As the number of participants of the marathon distance showed a decline over the past years, the organizing commitee decided to offer a new distance. The track follows the original 100 km with start in Biel and finish in Kirchberg.

The luggage will be collected friday from 5 p.m. in Biel and transported to Kirchberg. For those who want to park their car in Kirchberg, there's a shuttle bus at 8 p.m. back to the start in Biel. For all others, there is of course a shuttle bus from Kirchberg back to Biel. All is there for your ultimate ultra experience!


For the half marathon and experience runners, there is an attractive offer: You can park your car close to the finishing line in Aarberg. A special train brings you straight back to the start in Biel - for free! There's no need to reserve in advance. Everything is there for your night running experience!

Train schedule:

Experience run: departure in Aarberg 7:40 p.m.; arrival in Biel 8 p.m.

Half marahton: departure in Aarberg 8:40 p.m.; arrival in Biel 9 p.m.


The relay race is exactly tailor made for all searching the unique "100 km feeling" but who do not want to challenge the full track. The kilometer division is as follows: 16,9 km / 21,1 km / 18,1 km / 20,6 km / 23,3 km. That's easy to handle, ain't it? So give it a try and register for the relay race ...


57 Jahre Bieler Lauftage sind vom DUV (Deutsche Ultramarathon-Vereinigung e.V.) elektronisch aufbereitet und in der DUV Datenbank erfasst worden.

Diese Arbeit haben Chirstoph Wenzel, Jürgen Schoch und Andreas Knop auf sich genommen. Besten Dank an sie für die immens aufwändige Arbeit und das zur Verfügungstellen der Daten!

Im nächsten Jahr wird ein neues Angebot mit einem Ultra-Marathon über 56 km auf der Originalstrecke von Biel nach Kirchberg angeboten.

Erstmals befindet sich das Ziel in Kirchberg. Das Angebot richtet sich besonders an Marathonläufer, zukünftige 100 km-Läufer und Ultra-Marathonläufer, welche sich an die 100km herantasten wollen. Gestartet wird in Biel gleichzeitig mit den 100-km-Läufern. Kirchberg als Zielort ist bestens geeignet, bietet eine ausgezeichnete Infrastruktur mit Garderoben, Duschen, Verpflegung, Massage etc. Ausserdem gibt es auch genügend Parkplätze und die Gratis – Shuttle – Busse bringen die Läufer nach dem Zieleinlauf wieder nach Biel zurück. Der Zieleinlauf in Kirchberg ist wesentlich attraktiver als in Oberramsern. Das Marathonziel wird aufgehoben.

Die Anmeldung wie auch die Klassierung erfolgen für 100km-Lauf und Ultramarathon separat. 100km-Läufer, die in Kirchberg aussteigen, werden in der Rangliste "TS 2" geführt.